Make your website smarter

You can make your first website smarter by doing a few essential things and by avoiding obvious and not so obvious mistakes.

Make your website Search Engine Friendly
What exactly search engines look for in a website to be indexed? What exactly viewers look for when they want to make use of the search engines to get their information? Those are the two big questions.

On the one hand, search engines cannot index videos, flash, frames and Java Scripts  and therefore cannot be read by search engines. Their bots and crawlers look for simple contents with keywords and phrases describing the business. A website design generally based on content and HTML navigation can be easily indexed by search engines robots.

On the other hand, visitors are humans and can read everything that can be seen on a website. And at times, humans look for something like videos, images and flash animations that the bots and crawlers avoid.

Avoid making your website Search Engine Un-Friendly
Web Design is a very subjective process. Your idea of what looks good may differ from the next person's. While wild backgrounds and flashing text were once considered cool, unwritten standards have evolved into every web designers inventory. If you have one of these examples on your site, and you like it, by all means - leave it there! These are just examples.

The objective of your Headline and first paragraph
The objective of your headline is to make the reader move to your first paragraph and continue reading; you promised something in the headline, and you must start to deliver, or lose your reader. This means your first paragraph must contain information that leaves the reader in no doubt that the Website can deliver the goods and fulfill the promise.

Get visitors come to your website repeatedly
Visitors perception changes frequently as they know more and more about a certain subject. It's hard to keep up. Think about the following general rules and see if you can make some changes to make customers revisit your website. Remember, there is no bullet proof method. Nobody can give you guarantees.

Avoid these website mistakes
The following should be used at absolute minimum. Better yet, if possible, they should be completely avoided.

Avoid the sins of immortal websites
The following are a few of the most stinking implementations that a website has. Avoid them at any cost. Do not make them as sins of the immortals. Get rid of them.

Avoid misguided and cluttered websites
The right thing to do is to do the right thing and do it right (the first time.)

Whatever website I looked at and whomever I talked to, supposedly some of the biggest gurus in the industry, the first thing they say about developing website is "Get a Domain Name and Register it." I strongly disagree with that.

Like Shafi Mian once said, "Ask first not How you can do a job. Ask first What you want to do and Why." Remember there are no secrets to anything in the world, or universe for that matter. It's just that we don't have enough information yet to know about them. But after going o

Resources for further reading On Website Usability
Many experts have shed light on website usability in a variety of fashion. The ultimate decision is yours. However, always think of how the visitors to your website would behave and would accept or not accept how you have organized your website.

The experts in any field are somewhat, in my opinion, forced to think in a very narrow tunnel. But because they have done so much research in their respective fields, we have to, more or less, follow them. But there is nothing wrong in following our own thinking and our own way of doing things especially when it comes to designing and structuring our own created website.

Having said that, there are common basic rules that you can apply to your website. I have researched some articles and websites to give you a general idea of how to design your overall website.
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