Promote your website by submitting articles to directories

It's becoming fairly common knowledge amongst Internet marketers and webmasters alike that in order to promote your website, blog or online business, a powerful and free way of generating targeted traffic is to submit articles to article directories.

To do this manually can be a slow and painstaking process, but a necessary one if you want the search engines to rank your site as well as deliver that traffic to your site. And not just traffic, but also those all-important inbound links to give your sites the authority they need to compete in the search engine results.

Of course the process of submitting articles will always take some work, but then when you think about it you are doing that work for the good of your online business which will make money for you the more it grows. Article marketing is a big part of that growth in obtaining the all-important back-links that your money making websites need in order to gain authority and rank in the search engines results.

Article Directory List
We are providing the popular list of quality article directories. The article directories are very active and have a fast approval time. All the article directories are human approved and accept only quality articles. The article directory list is constantly up-dated and refined to ensure that we submit your articles to the best and popular article directory. Most of the directories distribute your article to industry specific websites and blogs in the form of feeds emails etc.

Niche Article Directory List
The major websites that most people submit to are all very general, meaning that although they may get loads of traffic, they may not attract many people visiting them who are interested in the particular niche you are writing about. This also affects the value of your links for SEO and how much difference they make to your position in search results, as search engines like Google place a heavy emphasis on the relevance of the the sites linking to you.

You can get around this by using niche site in addition to the main ones like I would recommend that you submit to the niche directories first, and then wait for a couple of weeks before submitting to the others, as unique content is also important to Google and the first site on which your content is indexed by Google will carry more weight. So if this is highly relevant to your keywords the article will be working harder for you.

Top 20 Article Directory List
You will not benefit from the long tail effect of submitting to the other article directories available, but you will at least hit the big ones with the highest Alexa and Google rankings.
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