Avoid the sins of immortal websites

Make Website Smarter

The following are a few of the most stinking implementations that a website has. Avoid them at any cost. Do not make them as sins of the immortals. Get rid of them.

Waiting for your Website to download
Either through a bookmark or writing the address of the website directly in the browser address field, if the website seems to take forever to download, most of the time, I click on the STOP to stop the page download. Do not assume all your visitors are on Broadband, because the bulk of people on the Internet still use dial-up connections. If you have to display videos, let the visitor decide whether to play them and do not let them load automatically.

Your website message is not immediately obvious
Within the first couple of seconds your page opens, you must state exactly what it is you do, offer, or sell. Define the purpose of your website, then write a strong headline message, and feature this on the landing page, needless to say especially on the Home page.

Multi-color website
Avoid to implement on your website a multi-color scheme as is done on the road to heaven. Avoid an extremely dark background and weird, light-colored text that the visitor has a hard time reading it.
However, the truth of the matter is that everybody prefers black text on white background.

Bad navigation
When you design your website from scratch, always implement a good navigation scheme. Don't let the visitor get lost in your website that s/he closes your page. Use text links at the top and the left of your website, and use your keywords as links. Make the menu the same on every page and be consistent, do not make the visitor have to search for it, because he will not and will simply close the browser.

Dead hyperlinks
Make sure that they are all active and point to the right information on the correct page. You can close browsers so quickly, and sent all your visitors away - never to return - when your navigation links do not work!

Bad spelling
Do not publish websites with pages crammed with errors in spelling. Learn how to spell. Even the most simple of word processors has a spell-check button and frequently a grammar check that you can easily apply.

Under construction
Your visitors are not interested in seeing pages with nothing on them, so do not even upload them or publish them on the Internet. Just write the full page and then shove it online and you will have happy little visitors who may even return.

Not having About or Contact
Do not confuse ‘Contact’ with ‘About’, because the ‘About’ page is to provide the visitor with information About the Website, its objectives, the information it provides, and its authors and contributors.

Dead pages
If one of your pages is in the gutter, that is, it is saved on your web host but you have abandoned it, then login to your web server and delete it. Google and other search engines will "spybot" it and the visitor will see it in the browser - an unsupported page on your part. So clean up pages on your web server. Besides, if you have a rank, you will certainly slide down a notch or two, so keep your pages filled with new information, and update it regularly. Purge the ones you no longer support.

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