Tools To Protect Website Data on Your PC

First of all, clean up your computer. It will better your computer performance.

VodaHost Hosting Services has instructions to do just that.

Always do backups. The flash drive comes in handy. One Giga Byte flash drive sells for less than $10 USD.
You can easily back up your data online with Mozy Unlimited Backup - $4.95/Month. This way wherever you go, just login to your account and get your data.

Data damage or disappearance
Data damage or disappearance caused by computer viruses and related ailments can doom your computer. Too many small businesses install protection only after they've suffered a loss. Being proactive now can save your assets later on. Even if you lack formal IT backing like most small businesses, there are many solutions and precautions you can implement solo, such as:

1. Install antivirus software and use a firewall on all your computers.
2. Keep current with operating system and security software updates to ensure you have the
    latest protection.
3. Create strong passwords with at least eight characters combining alphanumeric and special
    characters. Change passwords from time to time.
4. Open email responsibly.

Try the following software. Take advantage of their free trial before buying the software package.

Free Registry Cleaner and Spyware Remover Scan
Netcom3 Internet Security Software will speed up your computer, detects and removes spyware and adware, Viruses, Trojans, Dialers, Worms and a host of other dangerous parasites. It automatically detects and corrects the most common problems including: run time errors, corrupt files, invalid paths, fonts, file types, CLSID, DLLs, sound, help files, shell extensions, AppEvents, class keys and many more.

Free SpamBayes is now available!
SpamBayes is a tool used to segregate unwanted mail (spam) from the mail you want (ham). Before SpamBayes can be your spam filter of choice, you need to train it on representative samples of email you receive.

ParetoLogic products put you in control of your PC performance and security.
Take this opportunity to optimize and secure your PC now!

Try NoAdware for FREE and see for yourself if your PC is infected!
Your PC is probably infected with adware & spyware if:
1. You have downloaded music online
2. Your PC is running extremely slow
3. You are pestered by those horrible popup ads
4. Your homepage keeps changing
Don't let people invade your privacy and slow down your PC!

RegistrySmart is the intelligent choice in 1-Click PC error diagnostics and repair. Our software scans every inch of your file system and registry in under 2 minutes.

Try Regfix
A Slow System? Harassed by DLL errors? Plagued by constant Blue Screens? Receiving error messages and don't know why?  Did you know that most of these issues are easily repairable? Don't pay a technician loads of money for an issue that you can easily repair yourself!

Error Nuker
Error Nuker is a powerful utility that will scan the Windows Registry to identify errors and ways to optimize the performance of the Windows Registry.
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