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The right thing to do is to do the right thing and do it right (the first time.)

Whatever website I looked at and whomever I talked to, supposedly some of the biggest gurus in the industry, the first thing they say about developing website is "Get a Domain Name and Register it." I strongly disagree with that.

Like Shafi Mian once said, "Ask first not How you can do a job. Ask first What you want to do and Why."

Remember there are no secrets to anything in the world, or universe for that matter. It's just that we don't have enough information yet to know about them. But after going over these pages, and I mean all pages, there will be one less secret to know about. Well...

Web style guide explains website layout and design much more deeply. For example, it has chapters on Interface design, Site design, Page design, etc.

Follow Jakob Nielsen's column on Web usability.

In addition to a formal tutorial, I would suggest strongly to look at as many website of your interest as possible. That way you would have a good idea how you want to setup your website.

Web pages that suck.
See if you will do better. Of course you will. I am sure some folks got paid big bucks for those websites.

From the above website, and it has very good comments of where the respective webmasters can make improvements - I selected a few websites that really would amaze anyone.

Accept Jesus, Forever Forgiven
Just think about its subject.

Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven
What Would Jesus Do If He Saw This Web Site?

NASA STS-108 Interactive page
One day all those scientists got together and decided to create a website.

I guess they just wanted to practice hyperlinks.

Brill Publications
What were they thinking when they created this site? This isn't some cutesy little company with a niche product. This is (supposedly) a real company with real products.

Haven Works
This is really screwed up.

Watch This Video

Well! You get the picture.
A Website Tutorial
Learn to create your first website
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