Promote your website by submitting to directories

Submitting your website to directories is a great way to promote and build back links & increase your SERPs ranking. SERPs is an acronym for Search Engine Results Pages and by improving the quality of your backlinks you can receive massive amounts of traffic to your site and improved exposure in search engines.

Submitting to a Search Engine Friendly Directory is an ideal start for any promotional campaign to achieve the maximum result.

The following is a list of directories that you can submit your website to. Make sure to select directories that has one category for your website topic.

Master Directory List
This is a Free General Directory List that accepts websites from a variety of topics. If you are having trouble finding a good SEO friendly directory list, you are not alone! Many well established website directories can take months to review your submission requests, and most of these established web directories have strict listing standards. Here you will find our free website directory listings. Most of the free web directories on this list are new, while others have been recently discovered. We will continually add to this directory list, so please check back often.

Bid Directory List
Bid directories allow the submitter to bid for position and in many cases can get them listed on the front page of a high traffic bid directory. Here you will find our bid directory listings. This list of bid directories will continue to be updated, so please check back often for our latest listings.

Niche Directory List
As search engine algorithms evolve, more weight is being put on topic related back-links. That's why it's important to submit your website to all the directories in your niche. Not only do these niche directories provide an on-topic back-link, some may send your site some very targeted visitors. This page has a list of all the niche directory lists we have.

Paid Directory List
List of directories that require payment to be listed. Paid directories are useful resources for link building and most people very often submit to directories to gain back links or link building. While still free directories are available, most quality human edited directories with high PageRank often charge a review/inclusion fee which ranges from $5 to$299, be it permanent listing or advertising. Very often, most paid directories charge a small fee to limit number of submissions or spam submissions.

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