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Plan Your Website Before You Start Building It

There are different types of website related to a certain topic or subject of your own choosing. Maybe you have a hobby and you want to relay information about it, or you want to build a social networking website or an Ecommerce site. You can build a website for the purpose of making money. Each of these and others can be set up differently.

The purpose of building a website is that you have some information and you want to convey it to the world. You want to share it with people with your interests. Many people have a website. For some, it is a means of expressing themselves; for example, their artwork, or perhaps just a family website; where they can say hello; to distant relatives and update them with the latest news.

Some of the types are described below:

A Hobby Website
Creating a hobby website is probably the easiest type of website that you can build. You have all the information that you want your visitors to know. You are entirely your own person when it comes to the choice of information you choose to present, and how you do it.

A hobby website is generally a fun project based on a subject with which you are most familiar. Building this type of website is as fun as you want to make it. Since it is entirely your own project, you are free to use any style, layout or template you choose. It can be entirely text based, incorporate graphics and text, or if you are familiar with design and graphics software, it can be predominantly graphics based. The choice is yours to make!

The Information Website
Building an Information website is much more involved than that of the hobby site and must be geared specifically towards the target audience. For example, a website aimed at absolute beginners to creating a website and promoting it, must make certain that the information is presented in an easily understood, yet concise manner.

It must also have a look and feel, appropriate to the topic. My website is full of information of how to create and promote your website.

An information based website is different to a hobby site in that it usually covers much more ground and many more subjects than the more singular-subject hobby site. Depending on the site itself, it may carry advertising.

Depending on the nature of the material, an information website may offer considerable scope for expansion, both of the material and information included, and the ability to generate revenues from suitable advertising. Planning beforehand is essential if the site is intended to generate any revenue.

Ecommerce Website
This type of website is built for the sole purpose of selling products and services. This is growing quite rapidly. Many people have made lots of money but many more have failed.

If you have a particular product or service to sell, for example, hand-made shoes, a self-published book or you build model sports cars; then the internet literally opens up a worldwide marketplace.

In a Nutshell
Any type of website you choose to build, one thing is for sure: If you promote it correctly, it will be seen by people regardless of where they live and what time of the day and night they choose to look at your website.
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