Basics of finding subject/topic for your website

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Before you can get very far in creating and building your own website, you will have to decide a topic around which to build it. There are countless types of websites. The type you decide to create is completely up to you.

There is nothing more important than creating a website that you will enjoy researching and writing. If you enjoy sports, you should make a website about sports. If you enjoy music, create a website about music.

If you enjoy the topic your website is about, you will be more motivated to do the necessary research and continuously update the site.

There is a term - an abbreviation - called CTPM that Dr. Ken Evoy of Site Build It! has coined. It stands for Content, Traffic, Presell, and Monetize. This is considered in the industry the best blueprint for making profitable websites. Against CTPM, there is another term in parallel called STAB. A stand alone blog (STaB) is a blog not associated with a website.

Dead Websites
Some areas of topic are filled with "dead" websites. "Dead" websites are sites that were initially made, but failed to make it to the top of the search index and have failed update.

Once you have an idea of what your specific topic may be, use the keywords on the search engines. See what the best website looks like. Then go to the second and third pages of results and look at the "dead" websites.

Here is how to start off with
Make a list of potential website concepts and select the best three or four or more. Everybody knows something. Do some quick research using your favorite search engine before using any special internet tools.

Researching can be fun. You can come across topics you never thought were so popular. Write them down for future projects.

Research is based around Keywords. Keywords are the most important part of creating a website. They are the words that identify your site and also that people will search to find your site.

The Special Tools
Use the tool to research the niche or area that you want to create your website on. Research is vital. You can use any tool you want from this list to help you test your keywords and key phrases. Most web masters use Word Tracker (opens in new window). The service is not free, but you can test out your keywords during the trial period. Enter a starting keyword to generate up to 100 related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume. Using this service find: Profitability, number of keywords, supply and demand for each keyword.

And That is The Basics
Using your knowledge determine: Theme's appeal, your passion, market needs and wants, and the potential to make money. You can look at the keywords some successful websites use and analyze them using your favorite tools. You might want to find someone at Elance, or Rent-a-Coder and hire them for this project.

In a Nutshell
If it is a subject you feel strongly about, then you are not as likely to get bored. You are already sharing your views on the subject with other people. You are just not earning income from your knowledge.
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