The role of Website Graphics and graphic design

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Explaining the role of graphics and graphic design in presenting a professional website image that creates a willingness to make buy decisions online, we must point out the various responsibilities of a designer.

The following is more like description of graphics in terms of designing your website than actually making a graphic package like using Adobe Photo Shop or some other package.

Website Graphics - Less is More
Some web gurus suggest that graphics in a website is anything that is not text. That includes graphics, flash, video and such. Avoid large or excessive graphics on your web page. One major factor that must be considered when thinking about graphics is that not all users have the same high-speed connections. A slow loading web page does not convey professionalism.

Limited Graphics is Essential to Your Website
The Stanford Web Credibility Project found that 47% of users make buy decisions based upon the website itself. What causes people to believe (or not believe) what they find on the Web? The implication of this research is that the website design in general and some graphics in particular are very essential to attract visitors and perhaps stay on the page a bit longer.

How To Add a YouTube Video to Your Website
When you locate a video you would like to add to your page on YouTube, look to the top right (usually in two small form fields) on the page. One form field is labeled URL, which is the address of that page itself. The other is labeled Embed. By simply clicking your mouse within that field, all the text in that field is highlighted. You then right mouse click in that field, and select Copy from the drop down menu of your browser that will appear when you right click in the field.

Learn How to Use Adobe Photoshop in Just 2 Hours
With these step-by-step, easily accessible online video tutorials

Do you have old photographs that are faded, worn out, crinkled or
even torn? Of course you do, everyone does. Many of these photos
are likely very old family photographs that are simply irreplaceable
should something happen to them.

Graphic design has always been big business but with the explosive
growth of the Internet graphic, designers are experiencing increased
demand for their services.

Some of the more commonly used formats that graphics designers use:
BMP Windows & OS/2 (remember?) Bitmaps
GIF Graphics Interchange Format
JPEG Joint Photographic Expert Group
PNG Portable Network Graphics
TIFF Tag Image File Format
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