Search Engines paid advertising (PPC)

Major paid advertising by search engines are described here. Every major search engine accepts paid listings. This unique form, generally known as Pay Per Click (PPC) listings, of advertising guarantees that your website will appear in the top results for the keyword terms you target within a day or less.

This type of advertisement is an option that should be explored by website owners who wish to quickly build visibility. They may also be a long-term advertising option for some.

As you continue to participate in paid search advertising, you may find that the editorial or "free" listings generated by your submissions to directories and crawlers have kicked in. While some marketers elect to eliminate their paid search ad spend when this happens, you may find that you want to continue spending, or perhaps even increase your budget, to target terms for which you don't receive good editorial placement.

Google AdWords
Experiment with how paid listings may help drive traffic to a site, or use the service as a keyword research tool. Google AdWords are sold by Google and appear at the top or right side of your SERPs (Search Engine Return Pages.)

Google AdWords ranks sponsored listings based on a number of variables including the CPC (bid price), click-through-rate (CTR) and landing page quality. How are ads ranked? explains how ads are ranked in more detail.

Google AdWords provides just about everything you could want in PPC search advertising. It is quick and easy to set up an account and you can have your ads up and running in about 5 minutes from sign-up. There are excellent tutorials to help the new advertiser, and a number of good tools to assist advertisers to increase conversions.

There's an initial cost of $5 to set up an account and bids start at $0.01, although you should expect to pay a lot more than this for popular keywords.

If your goal is to build visibility on search engines quickly, then Google AdWords is an essential option to explore. It can put you in the top results of many major search engines within a short period of time.

Microsoft adCenter
In Winter of 2008, they offered a $50 credit to your account. Check to see if they still do.

Microsoft adCenter separates itself from competitors by being the first to offer geographic, demographic and daypart targeting. It requires a $5 service fee for account setup. After that, you pay the cost of the clicks.

Check out Ad Intellegence - New Slick Free Microsoft AdCenter Keyword Tool

Microsoft adCenter is the new player in the big league when it comes to pay per click search marketing, but it's already making an impact.

It offers a great range of features including the ability to target your ads to Live Search users who match your optimum target-market criteria.

Signing up is quick and easy with a $5 sign-up fee. If you're spending $30 a day in search advertising you can take advantage of QuickLaunch and have one of the Microsoft Media Specialists help you plan, create, execute, and analyze your first adCenter campaign.

Yahoo Search Marketing
Formerly Overture and GoTo. If your goal is to build instant visibility on search engines, this is an excellent option to explore, putting you in the top results of many major search engines within a short period of time.

Yahoo! Search Marketing maintains a highly professional, well maintained site. It pioneered the pay-per-click search engine model in 1997,after seeing a need for a more focused search engine. After operating as the name was changed to Overture and in 2005 it was rebranded as Yahoo!Search Marketing.

Yahoo's main product, Sponsored Search, provides sponsored listings in search results on the Web's top portals and search engines, reaching over 80% of active Internet users.

Yahoo! is currently offering a $25 free credit when you sign up.

7search targets those businesses that cannot pay more than 10 cents a visitor. However, it has been a leading Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising and Affiliate Network since its inception in 1999.

7Search currently provides advertiser results for over 1.5 billion searches a month which is quite a lot. Best Fraud Protection in the industry! 7Search strives to protect its advertisers from fraudulent and poor quality traffic. Great Customer Support!
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