Hiring SE Optimization & SE Submission Help

You should have been able to do the SE optimization and submission yourself with the information on the previous pages. Remember as mentioned before, the wait is 3-4 weeks before you get some indication whether your website was accepted.

Go over all the pages. Once you understand the whole process, and if you still decide to
hire outside help, especially for promoting your website, you will have picked up enough information from this workout to communicate with them effectively and intelligently.

It can be argued which venue is better - do it yourself or hire outside help. I tend to think you can do the development, management and promotion of your website yourself if you can get the necessary information easily and readily. And to that end, you have certainly come to the right place.

In any case, you can always hire a company to optimize and submit your website to search engines. But if you have successfully submitted to directories, then you are way ahead of the game. Google and other engines scan the directories to load their own engines.

Here are a few points that might help you choose the right Search Engine Submitter and Optimizer.

See how your website rank now - If your website doesn't rank very high for common search keywords related to your business, a professional optimizer can be a wise investment. You can check Page Rank here.

Determine what type of services you need - Do you need help in keywords (and placement) and meta tags part of your business or perhaps link building, pay-per-click management, copywriting, etc. Narrow down your need for help. Try to find out exactly what you need.

How much do you want to spend - Determine your budget requirement. If you think you need help but pay less because you have already done your homework, some search engine optimization companies will offer lower fees.

Look at the Optimizer's client lists - What do their clients say about them? Have they successfully optimized web sites similar to yours? Ask them to provide references, just like if you want to hire a contractor to work in your home.

If your pages are heavy with graphics, Shockwave and Flash plug-ins, the optimizers may ask you to take some of them out.

Stay away from companies - If you have done your homework and followed the above few points and the rest of the tutorial, then you are in a relatively better position to stay away from companies that just promise you top search engine rankings by writing good meta tags only. The meta tags are actually not that important any longer to Google if that's your primary search engine to target. Go over How Google Tackles Meta Tags once again.

I found these companies, read the reviews about them. They seem to be in a better position to help you. No promises though. My website offers suggestions. It is a guideline, a tutorial.

SE Submission
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