A few words about search engine Keywords

It is the art of choosing the correct keywords for your website. Don't rush. Just open up your favorite text editor in a separate window than your website. Read first on your site such as "Home" page. See how you have described your business. If some one is looking for your website, what keywords would they enter for their search?

When you have found answers to these questions, write down the words and phrases in the text editor. Its OK if the list gets to be too long.

Now repeat the process for all pages. Remove redundant words and phrases. You now have distinct keywords in your list.

If you found out that some of your keywords were not being commonly used in searches, feel free to drop them from your optimization process. If any of the tools suggests some keywords, you might want to consider using them.

Keywords placement
At this point, you have a list of good keywords for your website. The following is a description of how best and where you can use those keywords:

Page Title
The title is probably the most important part of your page so far as the search engines go. Keep it short but concise. Instead of saying "wysiwyg is an expert and guru on search engine optimization", just say "Search Engine Optimization by wysiwyg."

Effective title tags include only relevant keyword or keyword phrases. Avoid non-indexing filler words, such as a, an, the, welcome and home page.

H1 and H2 are best to use. However they, especially H1, might be quite a large size for the page.

Body Text
The body text should have as many keywords and phrases as you possibly can accommodate without losing the natural flow of text.

Just like the title and heading, keep keywords and phrases together in body text. The long phrases may be divided into smaller ones. This approach is considered better than not using them at all.

Using keywords and phrases 1-3 instances per 100 words is a better bet.

You don't need to be concerned about format or syntax about Keywords Placement & Meta Tags. Use Voda Utilities.
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