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Arguably, the best Website Builder you can find under the sun.

As I said in the previous pages, it's good to know web terminology especially HTML, DHTML (It's a combination of HTML and JavaScripts), syntax for meta tags, title, keyword description, etc. but you don't have to - like Jerry would say: "Not that there is anything wrong with it".

Award winning BlueVoda Website Builder
Build your own website in "30 minutes" flat. Have it live on the Internet by tomorrow morning.

Free BlueVoda Download
Save BlueVoda to your computer desktop and install it. Reboot your computer before launching BlueVoda. Drag & Drop website builder. No HTML or coding knowledge is required. Create single page or multiple pages. 'One Click Publishing'. An image library containing free logos, templates, backgrounds and headers. Built-in help system. Community forum. Step-by-step video tutorials. 100% Completely Clean. There is NO Spyware or Adware inside of it.

BlueVoda Website Builder Tutorials
Tutorials are a bunch of videos and are very easy to follow.

Centering page in BV

BlueVoda templates
To help you create professional-looking and well-designed Web pages, BlueVoda provides several BlueVoda Website Templates that you can use to create Web pages with a variety of layouts and functions. There are more than 500 templates for sale. A template is a set of predefined formats for text and graphics on which new Web pages and sites can be based.

BlueVoda tips for beginners - by CarbonTerry
You Must view all of the tutorials before beginning. Your work will go much faster and easier.

BlueVoda sitemap generator
Video tutorial. A XML Sitemap allows search engines (Google, yahoo, etc...) to
thoroughly index your website. BlueVoda 10+ has a Built in Sitemap Generator.

FTP Error Codes
It's good to know what kind of code you are getting if you are using FTP. The error codes appear in the 'dialog' box within your FTP program. These codes come from the FTP server, telling you the status of your requests. For example, when you attempt to connect to an FTP site, the server returns
codes 150 (Connecting) and code 226 (Complete).
Free BlueVoda Website Builder Tutorial

Free BlueVoda Website Builder Tutorial

A Website Tutorial
Learn to create your first website
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